Some feedback from our residents:

  • So Many Friends

    I want to express my gratitude to the Wardens & everyone who supports MIH. This Hall has been my home away from home. I have made so many friends for life – I can honestly say that I will miss absolutely everyone - I promise to come back & visit every single year.

    Xuan (China)

  • Safe Haven

    Many thanks for providing me with this safe haven – the Hall is welcoming, friendly & always an interesting place to call home. Exactly what was needed in my years of nomadism.

    Marlene (France)

  • Wonderful, Warm and Welcoming

    I am not sure how to express my thanks – as it has been such a pleasure to stay here – we are all privileged to live in this wonderful, warm & welcoming community. So please keep up all the good work & remember that everyone here really appreciates the contribution of staff & helpers. I am definitely planning to return as soon as possible, see everyone again & catch up

    Sini (Finland)

  • Everyone Cares For Each Other

    MIHM is not only a place,it is a community where everyone cares for each other

    Mahmoud (Syria)

  • Home Away From Home

    MIHM is my home away from home and I always look forward to coming back to catch up on news and see old friends.

    Ryo (Japan)

  • So Many Lovely People

    When I came to England last year I would not have dreamt to meet so many lovely people & friends and for me it does feel like having a second family.

    Meike (Germany)

  • A Great Place

    I just want to say that I am very happy with the time I had in MIH. For me it was a great place to stay during my time in UK.

    Anna (Sweden)