MIHM Statement

Our Statement of Purpose

MIH provides a preaceful environment for students in Higher Education to pursue their studies and related interests in a community led Hall of Residence

  • Providing a living / real example of Christian Hospitality
  • Promoting Community and Continuing Community
  • Fostering internationalism, values affirming Peaceful Coexistence, Multicultural / Interfaith Dialogue
  • Safeguarding an environment conducive to Academic study / discourse, the exchange of ideas and cultural enrichment
  • Running Language Classes and Study Skills workshops – also supporting informal workshops
  • Hosting a variety of local Communities, Faith Groups, local study groups and book to film clubs
  • Establishing a Centre for volunteering / recycling / charity collection point
  • Sponsoring Cultural Exchange – with Students and Wardens supporting a rich programme of Social, Cultural and Sporting events / activities
  • Maintaining a unique and traditional hall – consistently popular with numbers of British, European, International Students
  • Focus on Team Building – consistently pooling talents / skills of helpers and residents, including the oversight of ‘self-help’ groups
  • Dynamically ‘flying the flag’ for Methodism – securing links with local churches, raising the Methodist profile and positively adhering to Methodist values
  • Providing a venue for Ecumenical Chaplaincy and Christian acts of worship and providing a safe space for new Christians
  • Supporting vulnerable or marginalised students and helping those who are having to renegotiate their status in this country through no fault of their own, sometimes including their families

May 2016